Manufacturing Job Growth

The manufacturing industry is experiencing a jobs resurgence, with many companies hiring new workers at a record pace to meet the growing demand for their products. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), the manufacturing industry added an impressive 367,000 jobs in 2022, marking it the strongest year for manufacturing job growth since 1994. This significant increase reflects the industry's resurgence and the growing demand for manufactured goods. Manufacturing jobs strong performance from last year also signals a positive outlook for the sector's future. As demand for goods continues to rise and technological advancements reshape the industry, manufacturing is expected to remain a key driver of U.S. economic growth and job creation in the years to come. Here are some additional details about manufacturing job growth: The manufacturing industry is expected to add nearly 500,000 jobs by 2028. The average hourly wage for manufacturing workers is $27.00. The manufacturing industry is a major contributor to the U.S. economy, accounting for 11% of GDP. Manufacturing Hiring Challenges But will manufacturers be able to fill these jobs? Employers are still struggling to hire workers with a variety of skills, including technical skills, problem-solving skills, and communication skills. They are also looking for workers who are willing to learn new skills and adapt to new technologies. Recruiting these workers remains a big obstacle. Manufacturers face several challenges when it comes to recruiting new employees. This includes: Skills gap: There is a growing skills gap in the manufacturing industry, as many workers lack the skills needed to operate advanced machinery and technology. This makes it difficult for manufacturers to find qualified workers to fill open positions. Image problem: Manufacturing has an image problem, as many people perceive it to be a dirty, dangerous, and low-paying industry. This perception makes it difficult to attract young people to manufacturing careers. Competition from other industries: Manufacturing is competing with other industries, such as healthcare and gig work, for workers. These industries often offer higher salaries and better benefits, making it difficult for manufacturers to attract and retain talent. Location: Many manufacturing plants are located in rural areas, which can make it difficult to attract workers who prefer to live in urban areas. Lack of awareness: Many people are not aware of the opportunities that exist in manufacturing. This is due in part to the industry's image problem, as well as the fact that many manufacturing jobs are not well-advertised. How to Attract Manufacturing Talent To attract more talent, manufacturers can implement a range of strategies that address the industry's challenges and appeal to the modern workforce. Here are some effective approaches your recruiting team should consider: Address the Skills Gap: Partner with educational institutions to develop training programs and apprenticeships that equip individuals with the necessary skills for manufacturing roles. Collaborate with local schools and community colleges to introduce manufacturing career pathways early on. Enhance the Industry Image: Promote the positive aspects of manufacturing careers, highlighting job security, opportunities for advancement, and the impact of manufacturing on society. Showcase the innovative and technologically advanced aspects of modern manufacturing to dispel outdated perceptions. Improve Work Environment and Culture: Foster a work environment that prioritizes employee well-being. Implement flexible work arrangements, wellness programs, and opportunities for personal and professional growth. Competitive Compensation and Benefits: Offer competitive salaries, comprehensive benefits packages, and performance-based incentives to attract and retain top talent. Stay informed about industry standards and adjust compensation accordingly. Leverage Technology for Recruitment: Utilize digital platforms, social media, and online job boards to reach a wider pool of potential candidates. Engage with candidates through tools like texting which offers. Your message will be much more likely to be seen. Partner with Community Organizations: Collaborate with local community organizations, workforce development agencies, and veterans' groups to tap into diverse talent pools and reach potential candidates who may not be actively seeking manufacturing jobs. Offer Training and Upskilling Opportunities: Provide ongoing training and upskilling opportunities for employees to enhance their skills and stay current with technological advancements. Invest in internal training programs and encourage employees to pursue certifications and professional development. Promote Career Advancement Paths: Clearly define career paths and advancement opportunities within the company. Showcase examples of internal promotions and provide mentorship programs to guide employees towards career growth. Highlight Innovation and Technology: Showcase the use of cutting-edge technologies and innovative processes in manufacturing operations. Emphasize the role of technology in modern manufacturing and the opportunities for employees to work with advanced tools and systems. By implementing these strategies, manufacturers can effectively attract and retain top talent, ensuring they have the skilled workforce needed to remain competitive and drive innovation in the industry. Manufacturing job growth shows no signs of slowing down so those employers who can pivot their recruiting quickly stand to win that war for talent.

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