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Job Aggregators – The Big List

Back in 2004 Indeed and SimplyHired launched our industry’s first job aggregators.  Since that time, numerous players have emerged to take advantage of this trend. The end result is that jobs are now everywhere. Heck even Google got into the market back in 2017 with the Google for Jobs service. And Indeed eventually bought SimplyHired to remove them as a competitive threat.

In between, there are seemingly dozens of so called job aggregators that want to help employers find talent. We’ll cover some of the biggest in this blog but let’s take a look at the difference between job boards and aggregators.

Job Aggregators vs Job Boards

Traditional job boards are marketplaces that simply allow employers to post jobs related to a certain niche:, etc. A job aggregator has always been a search engine first by indexing all the jobs from their client base and sometimes other job boards. Many aggregators now allow employers to post individual jobs in an appeal to small business owners. Job boards also now can scrape your jobs and are often backfilled with listings from players like Ziprecruiter. So the two channels have certainly merged features and functionality over the years.

So should you use job aggregators. The answer is usually yes but here’s some reasons why;

  • Comprehensive Search: Job aggregators server ever part of the job market not just a niche like a typical job board. They are a huge database of jobs.
  • More Efficient: Job seekers love aggregators since it makes their search more efficient vs having to go to multiple sites.
  • More Jobs: Because aggregators list so many jobs candidates can discover jobs they normally may have missed. It levels the playing field for small businesses.
  • See Who’s Hiring: Aggregators are also a great research tool for staffing firms to see’s who’s hiring. Indeed even has a trend section to see which job keywords are trending.

Top Job Aggregators

Here is a list of the largest and most popular job aggregators:

  • Indeed is the largest job aggregators in the world (by a large margin).
  • Ziprecruiter is a ubiquitous player in the space that does a ton of advertising in order to generate traffic.
  • has comprehensive search results for millions of jobs found on thousands employer career portals, recruiter websites, job boards, and other employment sites all over the Internet.
  • is also similar to Indeed, but is available in more countries and in more languages than SimplyHIred.
  • LinkedIn Jobs is more than a career social media site, it also aggregates job postings.
  • GetWork (formerly Linkup) is an aggregator that pulls jobs exclusively from company websites.
  • is a global job aggregator with sites in 60+ countries around the world.
  • will post your jobs to 100+ other job sites.
  • Jooble is an international job search website used daily by millions of people in 71 countries.
  • Adzuna is another global player in the aggregator world. Also big in the UK.

Maximizing Your Job Aggregators

There are certain things you can do to maximize your use of these sites.

  • Keep your job titles simple and use the right keywords.
  • List your keywords multiple times throughout the description.
  • Ensure your ATS has the proper XML feed so aggregators can scrape your data properly.
  • Get listed on Google for Jobs (its free)

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