Complete Guide to Eliminate Candidate Ghosting

Candidate ghosting is a major problem in today's hiring process. It occurs when a candidate suddenly stops communicating with a company after expressing interest in a position. This can be frustrating and time-consuming for hiring managers and recruiters, and it can also leave candidates feeling confused and rejected. This ensures the resume black hole is alive and well in the job hunt. Consider this stat published by from 2022: 76% of employers say they’ve been ghosted in the past 12 months. That number is daunting. There are a number of reasons why candidates might ghost a company. Common reasons include: They were no longer interested in the role or company after learning more. They accepted another job offer. The hiring process was too slow or disorganized. They felt they were not being treated respectfully. For many years recruiters have ghosted candidates. So when they job market turned into a candidates market, job candidates became more empowered to do the same to employers. Unfortunately no one wins in these scenarios and job hunting remains a frustration for all involved. Root Causes of Candidate Ghosting There are a number of root causes of candidate ghosting. Some of the most common are: Slow and/or disorganized hiring processes. When candidates have to wait weeks or even months to hear back from a company, they're more likely to lose interest and move on to other opportunities. Also too many interviews can overcomplicate the process. Lack of transparency. When candidates don't know what to expect at each step of the hiring process, they're more likely to feel frustrated and abandoned. Poor communication. When candidates don't receive timely or clear communication from a company, they're more likely to assume that they're not being considered for the role. Unprofessional behavior. When candidates are treated disrespectfully by a company, they're more likely to ghost that company. Poor Hiring Software: If a candidate is forced to jump through too many hoops while applying online they are much more likely to ghost you. How to Stop Candidate Ghosting There are a number of things that companies can do to stop candidate ghosting. But it begins with getting the basics right. That starts with leadership. Corporate and talent acquisition leaders need to make empathy part of the recruiting process to ensure a great candidate experience. That experience must include the following: Be transparent and communicative. Keep candidates updated on the status of their application and let them know what to expect at each step of the process. Be professional and respectful. Even if you're not interested in a candidate, it's important to let them know in a timely and respectful manner. Use technology to your advantage. There are a number of tools that can help you automate communication with candidates and track their progress. Have a plan for closing the loop. If a candidate ghosts you, send them a final email or message letting them know that you're still interested in them and inviting them to reach out if they change their mind. Shorten Your Hiring Process. The days oh three week long interview processes and dragging out a candidate search are over. Today;s employers need to add an element of speed into their recruitment funnel. How Texting Eliminates Ghosting Traditional methods of communicating with candidates are becoming less effective. The majority of Americans don't answer calls from unknown numbers, and 14% don't check voicemails. Even email is falling out of favor, with 85% of smartphone users preferring mobile messages to emails and calls. The average email open rate is just 20%. Text messaging is a more effective way to reach candidates. 90% of people open texts within three minutes, and texting has five times the open rate and eight times the response rate of email. This means that text messaging is a more reliable way to ensure that candidates receive critical messages. Integrating text messaging into your hiring process can help to curb ghosting. Ghosting is when a candidate disappears without responding to your messages. By using text messaging, you can increase the odds that candidates will read your messages and respond to you. Here are some additional tips for communicating with candidates: Be clear and concise in your messages. Use a personalized tone. Be respectful of candidates' time. Follow up promptly. Closing the Loop The other part of ending ghosting is something many employer overlook. The rejection email. Far too many employer fail to close the loop on their candidate interaction. Every candidate deserves a timely yes or no answer when it comes to their job application. Make a point to reject everyone you are not going to interview or hire within a few weeks of their application. Closing this loop will go a long way to ending the resume black hole. By following these tips, you can improve your communication with candidates and increase your chances of mitigating the ghosting problem. Lets End Candidate Ghosting Candidate ghosting is a problem, but it's one that can be solved. By following the tips in this guide, you can create a more positive and respectful hiring experience for your candidates. Let's end the ghosting problem and help bring the era of the resume 'back hole' to an end. Candidates deserve a better experience when it comes to their job search. Employer should do their part by pledging to eliminate the cycle of candidate ghosting. Below are some additional links and videos to help further educate you about this problem. 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