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Talent Network Content Tips for Employers

Recently a startling statistic* came to light about employers’ content marketing efforts. Just 5% of Fortune 500 employers with a talent network send actual content (e.g., something other than job openings). That’s not the right way to lure potential applicants.

People who sign up to talent networks want more information about your company, your industry and your culture. It’s a chance for employers to nurture relationships, build up their employment brand and be seen as an employer of choice. A jobs only strategy is not going to accomplish those goals.

The problem stems from the fact that most talent acquisition departments are not trained content marketers. But, if you regularly collect contact info from those who haven’t applied yet, you need to use a variety of content tactics to encourage them to engage and apply.

The good news is that companies are have lots of content to tap into, you just need to know where to look and set up a calendar to help guide your efforts. We’re not saying you need to create 1,000 word blog posts…simple, bite sized nuggets will do the trick.

First let’s look at some general guidelines to follow.

  • Your content should be conversational in nature. Keep it informal and authentic.
  • Brevity is your friend. Keep it short, so it is easy to consume.
  • Be visual. Images and video clips are attention getters.
  • Have a call to action to learn more or apply.

With those rules in mind, here’s a list of content ideas that should be part of your regular publishing across your email campaigns and social media channels.

Promotions and New Hires

Show off employees who are being promoted so you can highlight people who are progressing throughout their career and finding advancement with your organization. Candidates want to know that their next employer will offer opportunities to learn and grow professionally. Similarly, it’s also a great idea to welcome your new hires as part of an onboarding strategy. Take a picture of them and welcome them to the team via your social media (after getting their permission of course). It demonstrates that you represent a dynamic organization and provides you a stead drip of content to fuel interest from other prospects.

Important Industry News

Keep your candidates informed on important news and events happening in your industry. Become a resource for their career and keep them up to date on how your company’s activities fit within those trends.

Tips on Applying

Let candidates in on how to apply and what to expect after they do. The more you can prep them for how your hiring process works, the more thoughtful and professional your organization will look. If your application process looks accessible and well organized, top talent will apply. If it looks like a dehumanized black hole, they won’t.

Also, offer them tips on how to impress as they interview with you. Insurance giant GEICO does a good job at this.

Employee Spotlights

Ask your star employees to answer some questions about their experiences with your organization and use that as content. Integrate their answers into short stories on your career site and let your candidates read about the people they will be working with.

Reasons to Work There

From perks to benefits to culture, every company has something about them that is unique. Use that as talking points for why you should work there. Do a quick survey of your employees and ask them what their favorite aspect of working at your company is. Their responses can then be used as content pieces to attract new talent.

Finally, don’t be afraid to show off your employees in action through video and pictures. Today’s candidates, especially the next generation, love visual content. So, be sure to show off your office environment to help them get a peek inside.

*Source: Smashfly

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