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Summer Hiring Tips

As the summer season begins, businesses across the country are looking to staff up to support a predicted increase in consumer demand amid one of the most dynamic labor markets in recorded history. A new report from Snagajob highlights some fresh data and insights from thousands of hourly workers and employers as well as practical hiring advice for businesses staffing up for summer.

“Despite the fact that 80% of workers plan to look for a new job this year, companies across every industry are reporting they’re struggling to find candidates,” said Mathieu Stevenson, CEO of Snagajob. “One of the great revelations of the pandemic was just how fungible hourly workers’ skill sets were. It’s not that the hourly workers have left the workforce, it’s that they are reshuffling: looking for more equitable work, greater flexibility and better opportunity for advancement.”

Summer Hiring Stats

Key findings from the survey of over 3,000 hourly workers and employers highlight who is searching for jobs this summer and how employers are faring:

  • 87% of teens are now looking for work
  • 51% of hourly workers reported that they’re willing to change industries
  • 60% of Gen-Z job seekers consider “sharing social values” among their top 3 factors for choosing a company
  • 45% of hourly workers expect improved working conditions/health standards at a new job
  • Over 93% of businesses report that they’re now understaffed
  • 70% of businesses successfully filling roles are open to flexible work schedules

Summer Hiring Tips

In addition to the key findings, Snagajob’s Summer Hiring Report features tips for businesses on how to hire today’s hourly workers:

  1. Build up programs to attract and retain talent – Many employers find that higher wages alone aren’t enough to bring workers back. Emphasizing company culture through opportunities for workers to grow within the company, socialize with their coworkers, or support causes they stand behind are all approaches to attracting and retaining talent.
  2. Take advantage of soft-skilled candidates – Expanding who you consider for open positions is paramount to success in the post-COVID world of work. In addition to considering non-traditional workers such as teens and other first-time hires, look for workers who may not have the exact skill set you’re looking for but can still grow into the position.
  3. Broaden your offering criteria – Offering better pay is just the beginning. Workers today are going to be enticed by a full range of offerings, from flexibility and health insurance to growth opportunities, tuition reimbursement, child care assistance, paid time off, company discounts, and more.
  4. Acknowledge employee contribution – Employees are part of a team with a shared purpose. People want to belong to a workplace community, be part of something bigger than themselves, and enjoy the day-to-day. Keep work interesting with energy, humor, and fresh incentives — purpose, camaraderie, and levity.
  5. Hold job fairs – provide incentives for potential seekers to attend such as free food, gift cards, etc.. You may even need to have “open office” hiring hours on a weekly basis.

Summer hiring is challenging but these tips should give you some takeaway tactics to us to your advantage. To access the full report, click here.

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