Hire at Scale with Text Recruiting Campaigns

text messaging

Send group texts in minutes

Text recruiting campaigns allow you to reach 10 people or 10,000 instantly. Send custom messages to new hires, past applicants or a list of existing employees.

text recruiting

Personalize your text messages

Emissary’s powerful text recruiting platform makes sending personalized text messages easy. Templates and dynamic fields give you the flexibility to make your SMS recruiting messages relevant and targeted, using any variables you want, while maintaining consistency and streamlining recruiter workflow.

text recruiting

Import data instantly

Add candidate data from your ATS, HRIS or staffing software to power your text recruiting campaigns with a few clicks. Simply export contacts from your applicant tracking system, or any other source, then drag and drop into Emissary as a spreadsheet.


Schedule your texting campaigns

You can initiate outreach instantly or set your SMS recruiting campaign to go out in the future, giving your recruiters the flexibility to manage workloads and optimize performance.