Streamline Your Text to Apply with Google Forms

When it comes to applying to jobs via text message today, candidates are still faced with the fact they’ll be redirected to a web page to continue. This usually presents problems in that each ATS handles applying differently, sometimes requiring the candidate to register first or worse, being forced into a long form which would take forever to complete on mobile.

As the web moves to a ‘mobile first’ environment so too must recruiting software vendors if they want to convert that traffic. Programmatic job platform Appcast says that 55% of all clicks to jobs they tracked in 2018 came from a mobile device. Therefore if you want more applications as an employer it would greatly benefit you to streamline that experience.

You could allow people to apply by text but only if you didn’t require a resume. Grabbing their name, contact info and answering a few questions is easy over SMS but they still won’t be able to upload a document. That requires a web browser.

In my opinion the ideal way to handle the mobile job apply is to keep the number of required fields short, provide a cloud (Dropbox, Google Drive, LinkedIn etc) resume upload option and remove the apply to register function. 

One simple hack to do that (without an ATS) could be done using a simple Google Forms page. Part of the Google Drive product set, Google Forms feature easy to build web based forms that any business can use to collect information. 

They have a number of prebuilt forms anyone can use from conducting surveys or collecting job applications. All the data collected is stored online and you can export it as well as be alerted by email that someone has completed the form. 

Below is a sample job description form I set up. The page is customizable in terms of colors and cover image. The upload resume function can be done via Google Drive.

This type of hack is great for an SMB owner who doesn’t have an applicant tracking system of their own. If you are looking for a mobile friendly apply ATS consider vendors like Greenhouse (an Emissary partner) which provides a simple job application form directly on the bottom of each job description, thus eliminating the need to even click the Apply button to get started. Emissary & Greenhouse offer a powerful way to improve your own text to apply experience.