Learning to Type: A Resource Guide

Author: Chris Russell

Typing lets you talk to friends online, do schoolwork, and play games. It’s like a special language you learn with your fingers instead of your mouth. The earlier you learn it, the easier it is to use as you grow.

As an adult, you’ll spend a lot of time on computers. Maybe you’re learning about computers in school right now. You can look up answers to questions on the Internet, and maybe you turn in school assignments online, too. Writing with the keys on your computer’s keyboard without stopping to look at each letter is a very important skill you’ll need in high school, college, and life as an adult.

The good news is that learning to type can be fun. Lots of typing lessons are really just games, and you have lots of choices. Whether you like kittens, racing, or zombies, there are great games online that will also help you type faster and with fewer mistakes.

Games and Lessons

  • Speed Typing Online: How quickly can you type? Figure out where you need improvement in this simple test.
  • Typing Test: Only have a few minutes? Check your ability to type words and sentences accurately and quickly in just 60 seconds.
  • Meteor Rain: Space debris is heading your way. Type quickly to protect yourself and save the day!
  • Typing Competition: If a little competition drives you to practice, then this is the ideal site for you. Join international competitions, practice with individual tests, or start a challenge of your own.
  • Speedy Speller: Level up by improving your speed in this simple and engaging game.
  • KeyTower: Build a tower by stacking boxes. Accuracy improves your score, and you can see your progress with every crate added.
  • Type Rocket: Hollywood knows that explosions make everything better, and it’s easy to get excited about typing when you’re taking out rockets.
  • Ducky Trouble: Rescue the duck! To reunite the duck with his hedgehog friend, type the right letters.
  • Keyboard Challenge: How well do you know your keyboard? Learn where all of the keys go by putting together a keyboard with your choice of theme.
  • Tommy Q: Zombie Defender: Help protect Tommy in the zombie apocalypse by repeating the shown words at your chosen skill level.
  • Typeracer: Play against other learners online in this clever racing game. Speed and accuracy will help you pull ahead!
  • Typing of the Ghosts: Ready for something spooky? Banish the ghosts with your skills.
  • Typing Ninja: Be quick. Be precise. Strike each letter like a ninja as you learn to type.
  • Owl Planes: Ready to test yourself? Take on other players from around the world in this speed-based game. The fastest to type the words on the screen flies ahead.
  • Typing Tycoon: Animal Helpers: Help out the animals to earn virtual bucks. Pay close attention to what each one needs as you type.
  • Typing Alien: Keep the world safe! Type as quickly as you can to fight off the invasion from outer space.
  • Daily Quote Typing: Tired of games that make you type nonsense? Practice longer content with daily quotes.
  • Snow Typer: Keep your snowman from falling apart by repeating each word before it drifts to the bottom of your screen.
  • Typing Adventure: It’s time for a treasure hunt, and time is of the essence. Every word correctly typed moves you toward your goal, but errors will cost you.
  • Ninja Cat and Zombie Dinosaurs: Travel, dinosaurs, cats, and zombies: Who could ask for more? Protect the city from zombie dinosaurs as you play as a ninja cat who can type.
  • The Keys of Atlantis: The good news is that you’ve discovered Atlantis. The bad news is that it’s guarded by piranhas. Type the right letters to avoid the dangerous fish!
  • Typing War Master: It’s your job to defend the village, and you can only do that by writing away the threats. You have ten lives per round. Are you up to the challenge?
  • Dance Mat Typing: Keep your feet moving in this interactive game from the BBC.
  • Typing Tutorial: New to writing on a keyboard? This fun, interactive series of lessons will help you master the basics.
  • Fingerjigger: How many words can you type in 30 seconds? Work on speed as you climb your way up the leaderboard.
  • Touch-Typing Study: Sometimes, you just need clear pictures and instructions. This series of lessons helps you type without looking at the keyboard as you work.
  • Keybr Touch-Typing Lessons: Watch the animated hands on the screen to see where your own fingers belong as you type the letters in the game.
  • USSpeller: Design your own tests and try useful challenges to improve speed and accuracy.
  • Typing for Tots: Simply type the displayed words that describe each animated image to get some fun and easy practice.
  • Foggies: Power Typing: Type each word as it emerges from the mist. Work as quickly as possible, because the words will disappear back into the fog.

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