Emissary and Jobscore Form Text Recruiting Partnership

Today, Emissary, the easiest way to embed texting into your recruiting process, is announcing its official partnership with San Francisco based JobScore an applicant tracking system and online network that privately matches people and jobs.

This new integration enables JobScore’s clients to make communicating with candidates faster and more efficient.

American adults text 30 times per day so it’s no surprise that using text for recruiting is making its way into the hiring process. With this new integration, customers of JobScore can text candidates from anywhere inside of the platform as well as any web page where a phone number is listed. They simply create an account then download the Emissary chrome extension to start texting. 

Over 1000 employers use JobScore to manage their hiring and they process over 1 Million job applications per year on behalf of their clients.

Emissary continues its push to integrate with all the major ATS platforms to make text recruiting a reality in 2020 and beyond.