Capture More Applicants with Apply Reminders

One of the more challenging aspects of attracting talent online is getting candidates to fill out your job application. For many it can be an arduous process navigating older applicant tracking systems with multiple pages of forms, questions and logins.

The problem is that most candidates just want to upload a resume or click a few buttons to apply. They expect applying online to be like buying an item on Amazon – it should be quick and painless.

That’s easier said than done when it comes to most recruiting software platforms. Most research we’ve seen point to around a 10% completion rate for employers when it comes to converting job site traffic into applications.

Emissary CEO Euan Hayward likens the problem to reducing shopping cart abandonment on an e-commerce site. “Amazon is constantly scrutinizing every part of the checkout process to identify and remove even the smallest obstacles to conversion. Employers should be doing the same. If 90%+ of potential job applicants leave the careers site without taking action, that could equate to millions of dollars in opportunity cost annually.” he told our blog team recently.

Employers can certainly help themselves by auditing their current application process and looking for ways to shorten the time required to apply. They should also consider adding easy ways to apply on mobile such as LinkedIn apply, and uploading resumes from the cloud such as Google Drive and Dropbox.

Our Apply Reminder text recruiting feature is also a great way to convert more job site visitors into completed applications. By placing a simple script on your job description pages it prompts the user to enter their mobile phone number so Emissary can remind them by text message later.

How It Works

After a job seeker hits your job description page a popup will appear after 10-15 seconds asking them to enter a phone number. Then Emissary sends that person a daily text reminder (up to 5 days) until they come back to your job to apply.

If you don’t want the form to pop up we can also configure it to appear on exit or scroll to the page end as a trigger. It can be set for just mobile traffic or desktop as well.

This tactic is a powerful way to convert more applications. Our clients have seen impressive ROI. One career site we work with has seen that 25% of all visitors to a job page will enter their phone number and 22% of those will come back to the page later to apply via the text reminder.

The Apply Reminder feature is available to both employers and job boards and requires installation of a javascript code into the job description pages.

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