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Understanding SaaS Recruitment Software

SaaS recruitment software refers to on-demand ‘software as a service’, whereby the database and features are hosted in the cloud.

SaaS for recruiting has been the prevalent model of recruitment software delivery for over five years.  If you are still using a self-hosted or even an on-premise recruitment software delivery model, you can do so much more for less by using a SaaS recruiting software model.

Why move to a SaaS recruitment software model

Cost Effective: SaaS recruiting software does not need IT infrastructure support, internal maintenance, or additional staffing. The SaaS recruitment software provider takes care of the back-end requirements which are included into your subscription cost. Your subscription cost will more than likely cost less than the implementation and overhead costs of using your IT infrastructure, internal maintenance and additional staffing under an on-premise recruiting software model.   A subscription also lets you buy what you need for the number of recruiters using your system versus spending for services that you never use. 

Easy Implementation: Most SaaS recruitment software allows you to import existing data easily, testing is minimal, there’s no software to implement and you can operate almost immediately once your subscription begins.  Also, SaaS recruitment software will allow you to download data and integrate to other systems easily. 

Easy Access:  Given this past year of working remote and using cloud technology on a daily basis, the recruitment industry has made a permanent change to primarily being a remote based function.  Given the nature of SaaS you can access to your recruitment software anywhere you have an internet connection.  When you are going through resumes and looking for best fit candidates, there’s no reason to be tied to a specific device or location. Tools focused on SaaS for recruiting functions set you free. 

Staying Current with Technology Changes: Technological improvements are happening continuously and technology upgrades are the provider’s responsibility with SaaS recruitment software, not yours. For example, SaaS recruiting systems are now mobile-friendly, and constantly evolving with new and expanded services within the Applicant Tracking, On-Boarding and Customer Relationship Management space.

SaaS is the dominant trend in recruiting software

  1. More remote, freelance, and contract recruitment opportunities will become available in different industries as recruiting becomes more about networks, contacts, and relationship-building.
  2. The repetitive and mindless aspects of recruitment can now be done through AI (artificial intelligence).  Screening, sourcing, and shortlisting can be done automatically through AI, freeing up your recruitment team to focus on the more value-add tasks.
  3. Candidate rediscovery becomes easier.  24/7 access to your SaaS recruitment database, lets you find past qualified candidates, contact them, and quickly move through the recruitment process to get someone hired and in place sooner than conducting a new search.
  4. Integrations with an ATS and other software will continue to get easier, promoting a positive candidate experience because the different products and services a recruiter needs will be “communicating” to each other more effectively.  

Technology is constantly evolving and at a quicker pace than ever before.  Within HR, the Talent Acquisition function is changing at faster pace than many of the other HR functions.  HR needs to stay current, adaptable and responsive to this constant evolution when it comes to productively sourcing the best talent. Using a SaaS recruiting software is essential.


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