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The Rise of Text Recruiting - New Report

Traditional forms of communication including email can negatively impact the employer brand, provide a poor candidate experience, and prevent recruiters from reaching their hiring

As companies look to improve communication, Text Recruiting is becoming a strategic priority. Forty percent (40%) of companies have increased their use of text in talent acquisition this year, according to new research conducted by Aptitude Research in conjunction with Emissary.

Entitled “The Rise of Text Recruiting & The Business Impact, the report states that although text is widely adopted in other areas of business, talent acquisition has been slow to respond. Email is still the preferred method of communication, and 58% of candidates receive no response at all when they are screened out of the process.

Text Recruiting can provide improvements to conversion rates, efficiency, and engagement.  According to this study, companies using text see the following results:

  • Four times more likely to see candidates respond in the first two minutes.
  • Two times more likely to fill positions in the first two weeks.
  • Forty-eight percent (48%) improvement in the candidate experience.

Text-based recruitment humanizes and personalizes the candidate experience while lifting the administrative burden placed on recruiting teams. Unlike other areas of talent acquisition, text-based recruitment provides an immediate ROI – impacting every aspect of the candidate journey. It offers a significant, measurable impact in a short period of time.

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Top findings from the report say that email is too often used as the primary means of communication which ignores that fact that 43% of candidates do not open emails. In addition, talent acquisition teams often underutilize it. Text can play a role in everything from employer branding to onboarding. Companies using text also see improvements in efficiency and effectiveness. The ROI is almost immediately felt.

Text recruiting is also good for the recruiter experience. Almost all recruiters are pressed for time and texting speeds up their tasks. This allows them to focus more time on building candidate connection and rapport.

For candidates, their job searching behavior has changed due to the pandemic. 62% of candidates are using their mobile device more this year than last. Candidates want to
be able to use one device to communicate with a potential employer, and text meets the needs of the mobile-only mindset by providing faster response and personalized engagement in real-time.

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