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Proof You Need to Adopt Text Recruiting Now

Many traditional communication channels that recruiters rely on have become dramatically less effective for reaching potential new hires in the past few years. As a recruiter, you have probably already seen that it has gotten much harder to establish first contact with candidates and to maintain contact over the course of the hiring process.

We built Emissary because we believe text recruiting is a much better way to reach candidates in many instances. And, our customers see proof everyday that it works (texts typically have 95%+ open rates). But, many other indicators and outside sources point in the same direction. Below are several statistics that demonstrate why employers need to adopt texting as a primary recruiting method.

Americans Only Answer Half of All Calls They Receive on their Mobile Phones

Hiya, a scam call protection firm found that only 52 percent of all calls Americans receive on their phones are answered, which means that almost half of calls are sent to voicemail. And when the call comes from an unidentified number, the statistic rises with more than three in four (76%) calls going unanswered.

Robocalls Are Becoming Pervasive

According to new data from First Orion, a call protection company, the amount of junk calls will reach 46% by mid-year 2019. By the end of this year, that amount is projected to finally cross the halfway point, meaning that half of all calls will be spam. Scammers have also shifted almost completely to mobile. In 2017, 17% of scam and spam calls were to cell phones; now the number is at 69%, according to First Orion.

InMails are Becoming Less Effective

Although email continues to be important, with 38% of recruiters ranking it as the preferred outreach method, Linkedin inMails (13%) have dropped to 3rd place in the recent recruiting automation survey conducted by Entelo – a significant decrease since 2018’s report (30%). Even sponsored InMails only average 25%-45% open rates according to LinkedIn.

Email Open Rates are in Decline

According to a 2018 survey by Hubspot, which examined 25 million emails across 28 industries, the average open rate across all industries was 32%. That means 68% of targets never see the message, let alone take action! According to another survey by Mailchimp, Recruitment and Staffing emails have an average open rate of 19.33%, notably worse performance vs. other industries. Click through rates, the best measure of real candidate engagement, are painfully low as well. The same Mailchimp survey stated that emails have a click through rate (CTR) of just 1.81%.

If your candidates are not responding to your calls, emails or InMails, then give some serious thought to the data points above and consider the ROI of a text recruiting platform. Every employer needs to make their messaging more accessible. Texting is the answer to filling your talent pipeline faster and more efficiently.

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