Texting for JobScore

jobscore-logoCustomers of JobScore are able to leverage Emissary’s text recruiting platform to text job seekers right from within the JobScore dashboard using Emissary's Chrome extension.

How We Integrate with JobScore

If you use text to recruit, or want to start, Emissary’s text recruiting software offers the best integration on the market when it comes to texting from JobScore. Emissary gives you the ability to:

  • Text candidates/employees within any JobScore page
  • Track any SMS conversations that started outside JobScore
  • Automate your recruiting workflow with campaigns, templates and chatbots

Our cutting edge text recruiting features help your team maximize efficiency and get the most out of JobScore. 

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About JobScore

JobScore includes a cooperative recruiting database that makes high quality, private connections between people and jobs. It also leverages matching technology to recommend qualified, interested candidates for your job openings.

Connect when it counts

Start texting candidates and get better results on Day 1.
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