Texting for Greenhouse

greenhouse-logoEmissary is an official Greenhouse Software texting solution partner. Greenhouse customers are able to leverage Emissary’s text recruiting platform to text job seekers right from within the Greenhouse interface and ensure that all of their messages are automatically synchronized between the two platforms via the Greenhouse APIs. 

Emissary’s Greenhouse Integration

If you use text to recruit, or want to start, Emissary’s text recruiting software offers the best Greenhouse integration on the market. It features a tight integration that gives you the ability to;

  • Text candidates/employees within any Greenhouse page
  • Track any SMS conversations that started outside Greenhouse
  • Automate your recruiting workflow through texts
  • Synchronize texting transcripts between platforms
  • One click candidate import (coming soon)
  • AI recruiting chatbot functionality for your career site  (coming soon)


Our cutting edge text recruiting features help your team maximize your efficiency and get the most out of Greenhouse. And, full API integration and data synchronization ensures that you always stay in compliance. 

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About Greenhouse

Greenhouse offers recruiting software and onboarding solutions. Their mission is to make every company great at hiring. Because when they are, companies have the confidence to dream bigger, think bolder and take on what’s next. They are headquartered in New York City.

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