Build Talent Pipelines with Texting

How Talent Pipeline Texting Works

90% of visitors leave your career site before applying to your jobs or engaging with your talent community, even though many are highly qualified. They are simply too busy… the best candidates have the least time. Texting enabled talent pipelines eliminate the friction. Career site visitors opt-in with one click and get tagged to relevant jobs, so they can be engaged later by your recruiting team. Emissary’s powerful texting recruiting platform can be deployed to build lists for individual recruiter outreach, mass text recruiting campaigns or automated engagement.

First Step

Career site visitors opt-in to your talent pipeline with a mobile number through a simple one click form. They automatically get tagged to relevant jobs for targeting in the future.

Second Step

Emissary can target your talent pipeline with automated text messages to bring members back to your job site to apply to relevant listings. Or, your recruiters can conduct individual outreach or launch large scale recruiting campaigns from the platform.

Third Step

Candidate engagement text messages keep your best prospects moving forward, increasing application quality and improving outcomes.

Final Step

Robust talent pipelines targeted to key skill sets allow your recruiting team to reduce time to fill and improve quality of hire over the long term.