Recruiting Automation Software

Recruiting automation empowers talent acquisition professionals to automate parts of the hiring process that were previously performed manually. Many of these technologies (including Emissary) use A.I. (artificial intelligence) ML (machine learning) and predictive capabilities.

These can be found during all stages of your recruiting process  from pre-applicant stage to the apply process and hiring to onboarding. At Emissary we also specialize in automated features such as drip campaigns, triggered messaging, automated scheduling, chat bots, and talent pipeline texting.

The ROI of Recruiting Automation

Modern employers are beginning to embrace the benefits of recruiting automation in an effort to differentiate themselves with candidates while creating a competitive advantage when it comes to hiring.

These employers have realized that past hiring tactics just don't work as well as the 'new' way to recruit. Though some of them have had to learn the hard way, they seek better hiring outcomes in shorter timeframes with fewer man hours used. It's also about saving valuable time for the recruiter themselves so they can get back to the business of doing what they do best, recruiting!

According to SHRM, employers who put recruiting automation into place reduce time to hire by between 7 and 15 percent, (thats 4.5 days per role on average), a significant number. And when you multiply those days by the cost of jobs going unfilled you can see where the ROI lies.

Examples of Recruiting Automation

Here's a look at how automation has made its way into recruiting:

  • Sourcing- Vendors like Hiretual and Talenya have taken sourcing to new levels for finding talent. Talenya actually has a bot that uses a LinkedIn recruiter seat to automatically message and engage candidates.
  • Screening - A host of recruiting chatbots have emerged to pre-screen candidates as they hover on your job description. These tools help to streamline the candidate experience and increase the overall quality of applies to your ATS.
  • Scheduling - Letting candidates self-schedule themselves by choosing from an online calendar is becoming a huge timesaver for a number of high volume employers.
  • ATS Triggers - Any modern applicant tracking software should be automating template-based emails or texts to the candidate as their status in the workflow is changed by the recruiter.
  • Assessments - Directing candidates to take an assessment can be automated by either a chatbot or the ATS auto-responder as the next step in the process after applying.
  • Drip Campaigns: Recruitment marketers are realizing that drip campaigns by email or text are a valuable method for getting their messages read and also to help prevent things like ghosting. Interview reminders are a perfect example of this.
  • Chatbots: Using a chatbot is the ultimate piece of automated technology that can interact with candidates based on a set of pre-recorded actions/answers.
  • Recruitment Marketing - Programmatic job advertising is an often overlooked part of recruiting automation. Computer algorithms do the work of optimizing your ad spend across the major job boards.

Solutions for the Overworked Recruiter

Just because automation in recruiting is going mainstream, doesn't mean it's the end of recruiters. Quite the contrary. It will simply free up the time to make more human connections between talent and those who seek them. Most recruiters you talk to today feel overwhelmed with too many job requisitions. The right automation strategy frees them of that burden.

If your talent acquisition team is thinking about how to leverage automation technology ask yourself these questions;

  • Are your recruiters overwhelmed with the amount of jobs they have to fill?
  • Are they spending too much time on administrative things like interview scheduling?
  • Are you relying too much on RPOs to fill seats?
  • Is your time to hire too long?

If you said yes to any of the above it’s time to start planning a recruiting automation strategy that provides those answers. Of all the ways you can automate recruiting its clear that texting is perhaps the most practical way to begin. Give us a shoutout to get started.

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