Candidate Experience & Empathy in the Recruitment Automation Era

We’ve written a lot about recruitment automation here on this blog. But automation without empathy for the candidate could have disastrous implications for their experience and how they’ll view your brand in a post Covid-19 world.

In an unsettled world where many jobs have been upended, some employers are really putting empathy to work for them. Take Truss for example. The software consulting firm has recently placed the following statement at the top of all their job postings;

A note from Truss: We know you’re likely experiencing a lot of disruption as our nation (and our world) responds to COVID-19 – we’re experiencing it, too. There are two things we want you to know when it comes to hiring. First, we’re financially stable. We have a variety of well-established government contracts that we expect to continue over the next few years. Also, we’re winning new work, and we have a robust rainy day fund. Second, during video interviews, you’ll likely see more of our human side. Family members, partners, kids and pets are home with some of us! We promise to be present and engaged, but we may be a little…harried. It’s OK if you are, too – we understand that everyone is experiencing extra stress right now. If you have any questions along the way, please let us know, and stay healthy and safe.

There is so much empathy in this paragraph it’s hard to understate. Their words help reassure the candidate that the company is stable and secure and most importantly humanizes the company in ways that most don’t.

Automating a message like this to candidates can be done so easily with recruiting software I wonder why most employers haven’t done this yet. You can simply add it in the thank you email that gets sent upon applying in addition to placing in your job description templates.

If your company is still using the same language in your automated communications with applicants perhaps you should change it to reflect the times we are in just like Truss has done.

Setting Expectations

Most candidates want the same thing when applying for a job. They want clear communications as to the status of their candidacy. They want to know what will happen next along with some form of timely resolution should they be disqualified. If you don’t think your current workflow provides those answers, now is the time to re-read that candidate content and ask yourself if it’s still relevant for the world in which we now find ourselves?

Automation in recruiting can save valuable time for talent acquisition teams but it can also add to the empathy factor for the candidate when it comes to what they want and need to have a good experience.

The key factor is then striking the balance between in-person and automated touch-points so that talent doesn’t feel like they were hired by a machine instead of a recruiter. If job seekers take the time to invest in your recruiting process, then your recruiter (and your recruiting software) needs to return that respect by valuing the seeker as a person, not a resume. A great candidate experience can only happen with the right mix of thoughtful automation put in place by a human with the job seekers journey in mind. Not only will you get higher acceptance rates from those that apply but your reputation for treating them with empathy will skyrocket your brand to new heights.

In the end, recruitment automation is the perfect way to set candidate expectations, provide assurances about your company and the hiring process, as well as letting them know if they are moving to the next step. Those organizations who embrace this new mantra will be the ones who become the employer of choice for the next generation of talent.