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10 Text Recruiting Emojis That Should Exist But Don’t

As texting expands ever faster into the world of recruiting people are bound to include emojis as part of their messages. Emojis are fun and they help users communicate quickly through visuals. They also help to set the tone of your conversation that’s often lost in texting. 

So that got us thinking. What if there was a set of emojis specifically for recruiters and candidates? Other than the typical thumbs up emoji it would be great if we can add more content to out candidate conversations over text.

Below are a few ideas we dreamed up over the holiday break. They tend to follow different stages of the hiring process.

Emojis help you inject personality (and brevity) into your candidate conversation. You can say to them “You’re Hired” with a single keystroke.

Just stick to this rule when it comes to using them: only after you have established a relationship with the candidate. Get to know them first before injecting more personality into your texts.

Are their other recruiting emojis you think should be included? Leave a comment and let us know. 

can we chat emoji

1. The “Can We Chat” Emoji may help break the ice.

the apply now emoji

2. For when you meet that candidate in line at Starbucks!

3. Let them know they’re a Great Candidate!

4. The Purple Squirrel for when you find that elusive candidate!

5. The Send Me Your Resume Emoji.

6. I’ll Email You the Job Description

7. We’d like to schedule an interview with you.

8. This candidate has been rejected (more for internal use)

9. Congrats…You’re Hired!

10. The send me your W2 emoji. You know you want it!

Facts About Emoji

The first emoji were created in 1999 by Japanese artist Shigetaka Kurita. Kurita worked on the development team for “i-mode,” an early mobile internet platform from Japan’s main mobile carrier, DOCOMO.

Originally meaning pictograph, the word emoji comes from Japanese e (絵, “picture”) + moji (文字, “character”); the resemblance to the English words emotion and emoticon is purely coincidental.

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