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Talent Acquisition Strategies for 2022

Talent acquisition in 2022 is going to be more challenging than ever. That’s why your strategy for attracting candidates needs to “get real” about putting together creative strategies that can move the hiring needle. There is essentially a new normal when it comes to recruiting.

The 2022 Hiring Trends Report from Modern Hire offers some insights for hiring practitioners in what they define as the “next normal” in talent acquisition.

They have identified several trends that will be most important to hiring teams this year. Adjust your talent acquisition strategies accordingly.

Set up for long term agility in hiring. 

Organizations can’t expect today’s labor shortage to solve itself; rather, staffing needs to change to adapt to the market to remain competitive. Recruiting teams need efficient, agile, responsive recruitment and hiring technology to deliver a winning model for hiring performance today and in the future. This includes AI and predictive analytics to enable data driven hiring decisions and the tracking and measurement of outcomes necessary for continuously improving hiring.

Hire for potential over current skill. 

Unquestionably, technology today advances faster than ever before and as a result existing skillsets become outdated much quicker than in past decades. To combat this, organizations are wise to focus more on candidate potential than current skill. Job relevant competency-based assessment tools using advanced technology can help employers narrow the candidate pool quickly to those who will be able to learn and adapt to meet the challenges of your organizational future, while also having a more positive impact.

Focus on the job in the candidate experience.

By combining the right technology with human touch, recruiters can create personalized hiring experiences that effectively represent their organization. Giving candidates a realistic preview of the job enables them to be informed and engaged in the process, promoting a positive hiring experience, and encouraging employees to be their true selves. This includes providing job relevant information as opposed to games that don’t clearly connect to the job, and personality tests that aren’t predictive of on-the-job success. Organizations that paint an honest picture of the job are more likely to hire candidates who will stay for the long haul.

Continued adoption of AI tech.

Forward thinking hiring teams are already using AI-powered tools to anticipate hiring needs, identify internal opportunities, reduce hiring costs and turnover, and measure the progress of diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) initiatives. In 2022, AI-equipped hiring solutions will be essential to enabling data-driven hiring decisions and for tracking and measuring outcomes necessary in the ever-changing job market. Recruitment teams will look to advanced, science-based AI solutions that include predictive analytics, automated interview scoringand natural language processing to further boost new-hire performance, retain employees, and increase efficiency. These tools will be the clear differentiator for delivering ROI.

“We will likely continue to see unprecedented recruitment and hiring challenges in the coming months which can only be met with a continued focus on impartial, efficient and effective virtual tools and data-driven techniques in 2022 and beyond,” said Borchert. “Enterprises must take action to modernize their hiring processes to ensure more personal, improved experiences for candidates and hiring teams, ultimately increasing hiring performance for greater success.”

That quote pretty much sums it up for 2022. But I would add a few more talent acquisition strategies to this list.

Bigger Focus on Mission/Purpose

Today’s candidates are looking for more meaning from their work. The pandemic has changed the way look at their jobs. Employers must adapt to this by changing their messaging that leads with mission driven elements. Some experts are calling it the ‘great reset’ because many workers are taking stock of how, why and where they work. Your messaging will need to resonate with these job hoppers.

Becoming a Remote First Company

Some say remote first companies will eventually outpace their rivals. Maybe, maybe not. But what you can be sure of is that the 9-5, ‘in the office every  day job’ is just about gone. In its place is flexible or ‘hybrid work’ that allows your employees to determine how and where they want to work. In person work will be relegated to just 2 days a week on average in my opinion. We’ll also see an increase in quartely all company meetings where the entire company can come together in person for a week.

So get ready for another bumpy ride in the world of recruitment. It’s going to be interesting to see how companies talent acquisition strategies adapt in 2022.

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