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How to use ChatGPT to persuade Candidates

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Hey recruiter. There will be times when you will have to convince a candidate to take your offer instead of a competitor's offer. When that happens and you know who you are competing with, ChatGPT can be a great help.

For example, imagine you are recruiting for Microsoft and your candidate just received a counter offer from Google. Before you respond to the candidate, do a bit of research. Try this prompt on ChatGPT, compare careers.microsoft.com with careers.google.com.

Think like a job seeker.

Give me five reasons why I should choose Microsoft over Google, and then give me five reasons why I should choose Google over Microsoft. These are the results that ChatGPT gave me five reasons for choosing Microsoft over Google.

And these are five reasons why one might choose Google over Microsoft. In a follow up question, I ask, what does Google offer that Microsoft does not? And these were the results, uh, it gave me very interesting, and I did another follow up question, which was, what does Microsoft offer that Google does not?

And it gave me these reasons which also interesting. Now, armed with this information, you as the recruiter are able to make a better argument as to why your candidate should accept your offer and not the competitor's offer. Make sense?

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