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How to Define Recruiting

Recruiting involves the art of attracting, screening, engaging, and hiring candidates from the available pool of workers. At a high level, it involves identifying the skills, traits (culture fit) and qualifications of your ideal candidate. To expand on that definition you can add the development of your employer brand and the evolution of the candidate experience to ensure a smooth process for both applicants and recruiter.

Recruiting Definition

Recruitment stages include: job requisition, job posting, sourcing proactively, assessing talent and engaging them. Recruiters must be trying to convert the candidate at each stage, eventually leading then to apply and accept the job offer. In Job analysis you identify the need and specify it on paper via a written job description. in Souring you scour the web for candidates and contact them proactively to “pitch” them your opportunity. In the assessment stage you screen them to ensure good fit and then convert them into an applicant. To complete the act of recruiting an offer is made, an agreement is reached on a salary and onboarding begins.

Generally speaking recruiting is conducted by talent acquisition professionals (recruiters and sources) but if you are a smaller organization can also be handled by business owners and office managers. Alternatively some companies choose to outsource recruiting to 3rd party staffing firms who act on the company’s behalf and take a cut of the salary if a hire is placed.

That’s Recruiting!

A simpler definition of recruiting might be something like this:

Convincing talent to come to work for you.

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