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How to boost employee retention with ChatGPT

Do you know the cost of replacing an employee? Well, let me tell you, it's expensive. According to Gallup, the cost of replacing an employee can run you anywhere from one half to twice the amount of their annual salary.

And if you were to ask the financial wellness platform Enrich how much it costs to replace an employee, they will tell you, on average, about six to nine months worth of a person's annual salary. Yeah, six to nine months. Wow, that's a lot. Without a doubt, employee retention is important. One way to hold onto your staff a little while longer is to factor in personality types when you are recruiting. Why?

Well, a good personality fit between an employee and their job can lead to higher job satisfaction, better performance, and lower turnover rates. One popular personality assessment tool is the Meyers Briggs type indicator which categorizes personalities into 16 different types based on four dichotomies.

Those four dichotomies are... Let's see here, yes, extraversion and introversion, sensing and intuition, thinking/feeling, and judging and perceiving. By understanding these dichotomies, recruiters can better identify candidates who are the best fit for a job.

And ChatGPT is a great tool for this. Allow me to demonstrate. So to begin, I asked ChatGPT to describe an INTP personality and how to create a job description that would appeal to someone with that personality, and it did, rather quickly I may add detail.

The INTP personality type is one of 16 personality types defined by the Myers-Briggs type indicator. Individuals with this personality type are often described as logical, analytical, and innovative. They are typically independent thinkers who enjoy solving complex problems and exploring new ideas and blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, so on and so on.

Now, it went on to say that to create a job description that would appeal to someone with an INTP personality, it would be important to highlight aspects like intellectual challenge, because INTPs are highly analytical and enjoy solving complex problems. It also cited the aspect of autonomy because INTPs are independent thinkers who value autonomy in their work.

It went on the list a few more traits that concluded by saying that overall a job description that emphasized intellectual challenge, autonomy, innovation, intellectual freedom, intellectual stimulation, and systematic approach to tasks would be appealing to someone with an INTP personality. Now, taking all of that to heart, I then asked ChatGPT to write a job description for a computer programmer skilled in Python, which is a programming language. Then I said, make it appeal to someone with an INTP personality.

Do not mention INTP in the description. Now, I added that part about not mentioning INTP in the description because when I used this prompt in the past, it added the term INTP in the description and didn't look right, didn't sound right, didn't want it. So I added that part here because of past experience. Yeah, there you go.

All right. So the results were pretty basic, but in line with what I was looking for in terms of a job summary, a job list of responsibilities, and even basic benefits, which I was proud to see the benefits there, but I was glad to receive them for sure. One thing I like, one thing I'm impressed by with ChatGPT is its ability to give me something to work with, which is why I love it, love it, love it, love it as a tool for brainstorming, but I digress.

Okay, next up, I asked ChatGPT to think like a recruiter and write an email for candidate outreach. Make it appealing to the INTP personality type. Don't mention INTP in the email, again because of earlier experiments. I know ChatGPT needs that little extra bit of instruction, and this is what it gave me. It says, "Dear candidate, I hope this message finds you well.

I'm reaching out to you because we have an exciting opportunity for a skilled Python developer to join our team. As someone with a strong analytical mind and passion for programming, I believe you'll be an excellent fit for this role at our company. You would have the opportunity to work on exciting projects and collaborate with cross-functional teams to deliver innovative solutions." I'm not going to read this whole thing. I think you get the idea there.

Maybe I will skim a little bit. We're looking for someone with three plus years of experience, blah, blah, blah. If this opportunity sounds exciting to you, we encourage you to apply. Thank you for your time and consideration and hope to hear from you soon. Best regards, your name, which would be my name in this case.

All right, so still feeling impressed and rather pleased with ChatGPT. I told it to think like a marketer, and I said, "Give me 10 email subject lines that would appeal to this personality type." Oh, yeah, yeah. FYI on this, in case you didn't notice this already, I did not have to remind ChatGPT about the personality type I was referring to. It understood my query in the context of the overall conversation I was having with it. Pretty cool, huh? Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Okay. Okay, moving on. So these are the subject lines it gave me, unlock your programming potential with our Python developer role. Here's another one, get ready to build exciting applications as our Python developer. Python developer wanted opportunity for systematic approach and intellectual freedom.

Become a Python developer with competitive salary and benefits package. And I like them overall. Well, I'm not really crazy about that number 10, become a Python developer with competitive salary and benefits. Yeah. Okay. All right. So I like most of them, but not all of them. But as I say, I thought some of them, a couple of them missed the mark in what I was looking for. So out of paranoia, I asked ChatGPT to validate it's work with this prompt. I said, explain to me why these headlines would be appealing to this candidate, and it gave me reasons for each one, and this is what it said about the first three.

For the subject line, unlock your programming potential with our Python developer role, it explained it by saying INTPs are known for their potential to innovate and create new solutions, and this headline speaks directly to that potential. Okay, cool enough. The second one, join our innovative team of Python developers today, it explained it by saying INTPs are creative and love to explore new ideas and approaches, and the idea of joining an innovative team would likely be very appealing to them. Makes sense.

This third one, get ready to build exciting applications as our Python developer, INTPs enjoy intellectual challenge and problem solving, and the prospect of building exciting applications will likely be exciting to them.

Again, I like these overall, but I really like ChatGPT for its brainstorming capabilities, and in that regard, I have to say, well done ChatGPT. Well done. Now you may be thinking to yourself, "Jim, personalizing my emails down to the personality type level seems like a hassle. Is it really worth it?"

Well, I think it is, and here are some stats to prove my point. Personalized emails are more effective than generic ones as they are more likely to be opened and resonate with customers. Studies have shown that emails with personalized subject lines are 26% more likely to be opened than those without.

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