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Employee Experience Ideas

Delivering an awesome employee experience can be a game changer for employers right now. With a lack of applicants pervasive in early every industry, having an enjoyable and easy experience is key to hiring and keeping your workers.

This is especially true if you hire younger workers who’ve grown up on apps and the internet. This is an “on demand” generation that expects a simple digital experience when it comes to work.

The problem however is that the use of outdated tools and technology still exists. This statement is backed up by a new survey from WorkForce Software.

In it they say many companies are still relying on antiquated systems to manage their workforce, demonstrating a need for immediate investment in modern solutions.

  • Only 50% of employees indicate using online portals to track time and attendance.
  • 56% of employees report severely dated methods for time tracking, including mounted wall clocks, paper forms, and punch cards.
  • For employees that are afforded online portals when compared to those not, more feel they are offered scheduling flexibility and are assisted with personal circumstances, noting the adoption of more immediate contactless screening.

This isn’t good news for employees. So how can your company improve the employee experience?

Give Them Digital Recognition

When asked to describe how employers recognize their contributions, most employees said that recognition was mainly through verbal acknowledgement only. Better to call them out with some form of digital recognition. For example if you have an employee of the month, recognize them on your social media channels. Or give out rewards and bonuses electronically.

Make It Easier to Schedule Your Employees

According to the survey, 82% of employers believe they offer scheduling flexibility, while only 59% of employees agree. 

Simultaneously, 87% of employers indicated they help hourly workers deal with personal circumstances that affect work schedules, while only 60% of employees agree.

As a result, more than half of employees stated they would prefer to work for an employer that offers more flexibility in scheduling, showcasing just how integral understanding and finding flexible solutions are in a post-pandemic world.

“Our current business environment demands employee empowerment defined by better training, easier time-tracking, and control over scheduling and leave management,” said Mike Morini, CEO of WorkForce Software. “For employers and employees alike, the disconnect leads to considerable business impact in the form of increased employee turnover and reduced productivity and engagement and will continue to be an impediment to resilience and organizational success now and in the future. Companies must actively engage their employees through improved workplace experiences to more quickly and easily meet evolving workforce challenges.”

Make It Easier to Fill In Paperwork

Another area of concern is onboarding and filling out paperwork in order to be hired or get benefits. In these cases, more companies should be digitizing this process allowing employees to sign docs electronically, thus avoiding a stack of papers to sign and keep track of.

Empower Their Pay with Direct Deposit

Many small businesses still don’t have direct deposits for their workers. Direct deposit allows employees to get paid faster and saves them a trip to the bank. There’s even a slew of new vendors like DailyPay which let you pay works the same day they work. That instant gratification is something the HR world needs more of.

The Trend is Not Abating

Employee experience expectations are on the rise as newer generations enter the workforce.

This research mentioned above  has primarily explored the gap in employer/employee experiences in the workplace related to scheduling, training, the pay options, and support for changes in w workers’ personal circumstances.

However, it’s important to recognize that this is just the tip of the iceberg. By the year 2025, Gen Y &Z will comprise 64% of the workforce. They will want a consumer-like experience at work, just like the apps they use in their personal lives.

The employee experience for today’s organizations needs to be driven by a blend of culture, place, and technology. Significant opportunity exists for employers to leverage modern, consumer-like technology for more streamlined workflows that delight your teams.

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