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How to use ChatGPT to test your Company Knowledge

In his latest video as part of our "ChatGPT for Recruiter" series, Jim Stroud teach us how to leverage ChatGPT to test your company knowledge.


Hey, recruiter, how well do you know the company you recruit for? Why not give yourself a quiz? Here's how you can use chat g p t to do that very thing. Type quiz me on, then add the URL of your company.

Now, just for giggles, I pointed it to my blog and it asks me questions like this. What is the primary focus of Jim Strauss blog? Is it A technology news? B, recruitment strategies and trends. C, personal finance advice, or D, travel tips, answer of course. B,  recruitment strategies and trends. I like that he gave me questions based on the information on my blog, but it also gave me the answers at the same time, which defeated the purpose.

So in a follow up question, I said, give me more questions, but give me time to answer before posing more questions. It replied, sure.

Here are five more multiple choice questions based on Jim Trout's blog. Take your time to answer before requesting more questions. And this time I got what I was hoping to see. Some of the questions I answered incorrectly just because I wanted to see what it would say.

For example, one question it asked me was, what is the name of the YouTube channel hosted by Jim Strout? Is it A the Jim Strout show, B, recruitment Insight C, the Future of Work, or D H R Insider? I chose D H R, insider and Chat, G B T replied, sorry, that's incorrect. The correct answer is a the Jim Strout show, which is the name of the YouTube channel hosted by Jim Stroud. Wow, wow, wow, wow, wow, wow. Now you try the quiz Me on prompt, pointed to your company page and see how well you know your company.

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