Text Recruiting

Author: Chris Russell

text recruiting 101Text recruiting is the most convenient way to communicate with prospective candidates in a highly competitive job market. More employers are turning to text messages to send job apply links, set up interviews and as cold outreach for a job opportunity. As the job market heats up, text recruiting helps talent acquisition teams break through to prospective candidates.

What is text recruiting?

Text recruiting is the process of using SMS text messages to attract and engage talent into your organization. It is typically done 1 on 1 with your recruiters and the candidate they have chosen to engage with. On the recruiter side they use a desktop software tool like the one provided by Emissary that provides them with their own phone number. Conversations take place though a web application.

What is recruitment text?

As a job seeker in today’s environment you will most likely be asked to text something to the employer you are applying to. For example after applying online they may ask you to opt in to text messages to help speed up the hiring process.

Text recruiting templates

You can setup templates in many text recruiting applications but we have a great post on the actual phrases recruiters use in cold outreach. Some examples include;

  • “Hey its Lara with COMPANY. I called because I saw that you have a ton of experience in X, and I’m looking for a Y. Are you open to a discussion about the role?” If I found a resume online, I usually end with “Are you still interested in exploring new opportunities?” instead.
  • Hey, Joe. I am intrigued by your XYZ skill. And your stability at Company ABC is impressive. I am helping an entrepreneur in the XYZ domain to recruit for this xyz position. So I am checking to see if you are open to discussing this opportunity in detail. Number, Email.

Obviously you need to keep your text recruiting templates short and to the point. Job seekers expect brevity.

Does text recruiting work?

Text recruiting is a highly effective method because of the high response rates it can generate. with 93% of all working professionals owning a smart phone it works with nearly everyone in the workforce.

Messaging is the number one reported use of people with a smartphone.

  • 91% percent of those users keep their device within reach at all times.
  • Text messages are read over 95% of the time, often within three minutes of being received.
  • The average response time for a text message is 60 times faster than that for an email.

Text to apply recruiting

Apply by text is another aspect of recruiting that is gaining favor with candidates. It generally works by having a conversation generated by a bot with the candidate in which screening questions are asked and answered. If the candidate passes the screen they can be offered the chance to schedule an interview or apply directly online. The link sent takes the applicant to the employer applicant tracking software where the person completes the job application.

Text Recruiting Best Practices

Most of text recruiting involves common sense but there are a number of best strategies to use while texting candidates.

  • Try to get their permission first. It’s good practice to ask candidates to opt in to your text messages.
  • Use software like Emissary to centralize your communications. This is important for compliance.
  • Texting should be professional and consistent with your employment brand messaging.
  • Keep your texts brief and to the point. Don’t waste candidates time.

About Chris Russell

Chris Russell has spent 20 years in the online recruiting space building job boards, recruiting apps and publishing a variety of content for the recruiting industry through articles, podcasting and webinars. Also a former talent practitioner, he’s a popular voice helping to inform the modern recruiter.