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Toca Cabana

Ryan Hawthorne

Ryan is responsible for overseeing specialists who recruit for hourly and salary level positions across 142 restaurants and corporate roles at Taco Cabana.

ATS System:


The Challenge

Before working with Emissary, Ryan's team used text messages to communicate with candidates, only without the software by using recruiters’ phones. Especially in the Houston market, they were getting a high volume of candidates, anywhere between 2,000 and 3,000, which meant they would compile a list of hundreds of applicants at a time for outbound outreach. To a lesser extent, they were using LinkedIn and email, but Ryan found that in his five years of working at Taco Cabana, no other format got a better response rate than text messages when setting appointments and scheduling interviews. However, the iPhone's iMessage tools could only send out messages to up to twenty candidates at a time, at least within a group message setting, to get adequate responses. This meant that enormous manual effort and time was required to message every candidate and track responses.


The Solution

Once Ryan and his team began working with Emissary, they optimized their candidate outreach process by utilizing the campaigns feature to send out messages to their whole candidate lists at once. Now they no longer worry about mass message response rates because they are able to personalize every outgoing message automatically. Ryan does not work typical nine to five hours in his role, so he appreciates the ability to schedule campaigns in advance. Now, if he wants to set up a campaign at 9:00 PM the night before sending it, he can do that, leaving him free to spend the morning with his daughter instead. Furthermore, he appreciates the software's ability to block problem candidates from future contact if they send back inappropriate responses, as well as the ability to flag and label high quality candidates. Ryan also finds that simply having the option to review and respond through Emissary’s browser interface, instead of through his phone, has allowed him to increase his productivity substantially.


The Results

Ryan and his team reduced their time spent on candidate communication by 70-80%. Their confirmation rate on interviews increased by ~10%, and they are able to hire 5% more candidates overall.

"If you’re looking for efficiency, and being able to use your time wisely, I would say this is definitely the platform for you."
RyanHawthorne Ryan Hawthorne, Taco Cabana

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