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Sean Rego

Sean is responsible for leading a team of five recruiters and three interns as part of the Scotlynn talent acquisition team. They are an essential business that moves perishable goods across the country through temperature-controlled freight logistics.

ATS System:


The Challenge

Before Emissary, the Scotlynn team relied mainly on emails to engage, schedule, and follow up with candidates. They were spending more time on the tedious back and forth with candidates and sometimes did not reach them. The team would often play voicemail tag when trying to connect with candidates via phone calls.


Sean looked at how many people were applying and engaging with the company and knew he had to make a change. He needed a medium that could provide higher response rates, thereby speeding up the hiring process.


The Solution

A few weeks into his role, Sean started researching texting tools and discovered Emissary. Everyone on his team now has an Emissary account, including interns, and each has a phone number to text with. They leveraged successful shortcode text campaigns using a branded short code “TRUCKYEAH” to allow candidates to engage with Scotlynn via radio and web advertising campaigns. The built-in automatic responses to engage with these candidates after hours have been highly successful. 


They mainly use Emissary to follow up with candidates after they apply to schedule an interview with a Calendly link. Once his team started using the tool, they loved it immediately. They use the platform on desktop and via mobile app.


The Results

Emissary significantly improved the efficiency of the Scotlynn talent acquisition team along with the readability of their messaging. Their text message read rate is now close to 100%, for applicants, it’s 95%, and even sourced candidates yield a 40-50% response rate to a cold text. They have more applicants coming in and can hire much faster than before.


It’s also wowing applicants. Sean added, “It’s very difficult to ignore a text message, and the response is often immediate. One candidate replied, “Wow, that was fast. I just applied!”


Emissary has become a must-have tool in their hiring toolbox.

“Emissary is the most effective communication tool I use today. It’s made an astronomical difference to our team, and we can do more in less time.”
Sean Rego, Scotlynn USA

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