GoodFood Market Corp.

Jennifer Occhiuto

Jennifer manages talent acquisition technology and branding to help make GoodFood’s recruiting initiatives smarter and more effective.

ATS System:


The Challenge

GoodFood recruiters were primarily doing candidate outreach through the "old school methods" of emails and phone calls, but weren't getting high response rates from their efforts. It often took days before they heard back from candidates on their outreach list, which was costly to a company whose business model depends on a reliable supply of food delivery workers. GoodFood’s goal was to be regarded not only as a meal kit delivery company, but also as the number one grocery delivery company in Canada. They aimed to offer their customers delivery in thirty minutes or less in key cities like Toronto and Montreal. In such a high growth environment, they needed to hire hundreds of delivery workers every week, moving prospects through the hiring process as quickly as possible. As a result, GoodFood was looking for a solution that would increase hiring velocity without compromising quality of hire. Another difficulty they faced was the number of new hires not showing up to their first shift, mainly because onboarding emails were getting lost or overlooked.


The Solution

GoodFood initially turned to Emissary as a solution for their high-volume recruitment needs. Jennifer found that the recruitment team was able to get up and running with Emissary seamlessly. Her team now meets regularly to determine which messages resonate best with candidates and then tweak the texting templates to further optimize results. The GoodFood team places a strong emphasis on candidate experience, using Emissary to "hold the candidate’s hand" through the entire process when needed. The team now texts with new hires right up to the first day of work, which has made the process more human and personal. Finally, GoodFood often has to onboard groups of twenty people at a time. Instead of individual outreach, the recruiters now send out a text campaign to broadcast essential information to the new hires which has increased efficiency and reduced no shows. levels within Emissary, which has significantly increased her team's overall efficiency.


The Results

The response rate to candidate outreach has increased from 30-40% using email/phone to 70%+ with texting. Similarly, response times have decreased from a few days to under an hour. Drop-off rates for onboarding have been reduced by 10-20%.

“With Emissary’s supportive customer success team, I was able to get detailed reports on the number of candidates we were touching, and that level of insight is a key metric for our organization.”
Marti Pranger Marti Pranger, Empower Partnerships

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