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Marti Pranger

Marti oversees the RPO for Ontrack with a team of 20 recruiters hiring between 9,000 and 10,000 people per year in warehousing & logistics.

ATS System:


The Challenge

Marti's team had trouble getting a hold of prospective candidates on the phone because they are a Phoenix-based company. In contrast, many of the positions they were recruiting for were listed on the West Coast. That meant their area code was foreign to many people they reached out to, which lowered response rates. They would leave voicemail messages, but most of the time, the candidates' voicemail boxes were full, not setup or got totally ignored.. They also got low response rate to email outreach, unable to cut through the clutter. One bright spot was events. They had a lot of success generating prospects, but then found it wasn't easy to manage communication with such a high volume of leads. For example, they garnered almost 11,000 candidates at one event, only to struggle with the volume of required follow ups needed to move them through the hiring process.


The Solution

The team turned to text as an additional method eof outreach that seemed likely to get candidates' attention. They demoed various solutions and ultimately chose Emissary for its features, ease of use and cost-effectiveness. They appreciated that Emissary gives them a reliable record of their outreach to each candidate that is more accurate and easier to maintain than manually taking notes on phone calls. With Emissary's supportive customer success team, Marti is able to get detailed reports on when her team is reaching out to candidates, which helps her monitor her team's activities. Additionally, she gets instant visibility into the number of people her recruiters are reaching, instead of needing to sift through call log activity using her old process. One of the metrics Empower is responsible for as an RPO is recruiter activity, so having this activity data is crucial to sharing the scope of their outreach efforts to their client, Ontrack. Finally, using text campaigns, Empower’s team now mass messages thousands of leads during the event season and automatically tracks interest levels within Emissary, which has significantly increased her team's overall efficiency.


The Results

Marti experienced a strong ROI from Empower’s use of Emissary's text recruiting platform. Her team is able to reach ~2X as many candidates as before. They also schedule 20-30% more interviews vs. using email and phone only. And, they achieve 2-3X faster onboarding.

“With Emissary’s supportive customer success team, I was able to get detailed reports on the number of candidates we were touching, and that level of insight is a key metric for our organization.”
Marti Pranger Marti Pranger, Empower Partnerships

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