Text Candidates from Anywhere with 1-to-1 Texting

text recruiting

Send text messages from any website

Add text recruiting functionality to your ATS, HR or staffing software tools instantly. 1-to-1 texting extends the functionality of Chrome, automatically recognizing phone numbers and allowing you to text them directly from any web page.

texting candidates

See texting history at a glance

Text messages between you and your candidates, employees or staffing prospects populate automatically, so you can catch up on your text conversations at a glance. Text recruiting conversations aren’t restricted to a single site. If you start texting with an applicant from inside LinkedIn, then continue from your applicant tracking system, all of the details stay right at your fingertips.

text recruiting

Use across tools and platforms

Send text messages from within your ATS, HR or staffing software solution, LinkedIn or paid resume databases, all while keeping all activity recorded in one place. Emissary can even sync SMS conversations to many popular applicant tracking systems through direct integrations.